Welcome to my very little Aibopages with very short movies.

For upload files to your Aibo ERS-7 you must use AiboCustomManager.

Download :

Alarms:AiboMindAlarm.zip-default coyote.zip-custom vanessa.zip-custom badmorning.zip

Cards:Scanned AIBO cards from William (jpg pictures)

Custom sounds: RecPhotoMode.zip-default RecPhotoMode.zip-custom

If you are hung up from phrases "lets take a picture...voice recording mode" try RecPhotoMode.zip-custom.For return to default,RecPhotoMode.zip-default.

Aibos dictionary:When your Aibo enter to "Voice recording mode" :bow-bow.When enter to "Lets take e picture mode" :bow-bow-bow.In mode(for all):grrrr.End of mode(for all):bow-grr-bow.